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We service clients Australia wide

Over the past 20 years Kaine Ransom has assisted hundreds of Australians in getting a great deal on their car purchases. Let Kaine take care of the hassle of locating your next car. Auto Brokers handles all the effort and stress that goes with a car search and negotiates on your behalf to ensure you get the best price. Auto Brokers is owned and operated by Kaine Ransom in Melbourne.

What we do

Auto Brokers is a national car buying service that can finance and source you a new or used car, saving you thousands.

Tell Us What You’re Looking For

Once we have a good idea of what you’re looking for we will contact multiple dealers to narrow down the best possible price for your particular needs.

Let us take it from here

As part of the service we negotiate the best price and will arrange the finer details for you, including trades, delivery, finance, insurance and any other needs.

A Better Way To Buy A Car

Kaine uses all of his industry knowledge and experience to streamline the process, ensuring a seamless purchasing experience without the usual stress.