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Empowering Australia’s professionals to save thousands on their new/used car purchases.

    Sit Back Relax And Let Us Handle The Sale For You

    Sit Back Relax And Let Us Handle The Sale For You

    Who we are

    For more than 30 years, AutoBrokers has been a trusted partner for Australians seeking excellent deals on their car purchases. We remove the burden and stress of car hunting, negotiating on your behalf to ensure the best price possible. Owned and operated by Kaine Ransom in Melbourne, we serve clients across Australia with dedication and expertise.

    Are You Looking for a New Car?

    Are You Looking for a Used Car?

    Let Us Find You The Perfect Car!


    We offer a wide range of vehicles to cater to diverse buyer preferences.

    Buy in 3 Easy Steps

    Putting Smiles in Every Mile. Simplifying the Car Buying Experience.
    Decide the car
    We recommend that you do some research yourself, but feel free to give us a call for some independent advice before committing to purchase a car.
    Take a test drive
    We strongly recommend taking a potential vehicle for a test drive before commencing any price negotiations.As part of our service, we can arrange a time with your local dealer to take a test drive.
    We take the reins
    We search Australia-wide for your chosen vehicle, and then negotiate with the dealer for the best price. We are able to get a better deal than you would normally get on your own. 
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